Elliott Dallas a.k.a. Oblivion · 18 · FC: Finn Harries · Taken

Does it upset you that you’re ignored and maybe even forgotten by them, they used to be so close to you, now you’re just the boy, who searches endlessly for things he’ll never find, you’re fading into oblivion.”

— Emily Miller


Elliott didn’t have much going on for him, he was meek, stuttering and blushing every time someone acknowledged his existence. Unlike his brother Evan, Elliott wasn’t good at sports, he wasn’t popular, he was just there, living and breathing, never being noticed. However, Elliott was lucky enough to have been born into a wealthy family, unlike many other kids his age he didn’t have to go through the death of a parent due to viral infection, didn’t witness people suffering from it. Elliott thought everything was fine; everything that could harm him was far out of reach. His blissfully oblivious state would soon be disrupted by the truth. The first wakeup call was the sick girl at the hospital, who looked paper-thin and sickly pale. The second was the corpse of the gardener right outside the front door. Elliott’s mother tried to hide the facts, told him the gardener had died of old age. But people didn’t just drop dead in a pool of their own blood. And Elliott began to wonder, to research, what he found wasn’t pleasant, made him feel sick and angry. Angry at his family for locking him away in this safe corner when those less fortunate than him were rotting away, he’d soon find that there is no barrier between the rich and the poor when buildings begin to collapse and the earth beneath his feet is shaking and cracking, indicating its end.


The feeling of being alone on an Earth that was already dead was the first thought that came to mind upon Elliott’s awakening on Planet X. But this was not Earth. There were no collapsing buildings, no children screaming. Here, there was only ice and a feeling of loneliness that was ever-present in Elliott ever since he truly understood how many secrets were hidden from him. Chilled to the bone, he searched for refuge somewhere, anywhere. That was when he found the other humans, living in caves like savages. His brother was there, though neither of them were happy to see each other, they would soon get over the argument that tore them apart on Earth. It had been childish, Elliott knew better than to hold onto old grudges, right now he was fighting for his life, scared of both living and dying. Elliott was falling into a bottomless pit. He wanted to rebel, to fight against those who had destroyed Earth, those who were sending the humans “gifts”. He could only guess who they were and what their motives were. Noticing Elliott’s vigor, Jacob Miller decided he had to have him on his side. As time passed Elliott become stronger, though still questioning everything in his life. Wondering how he got to this point, trying to be a soldier, trying to keep it together. The friends he had began distancing themselves from him, afraid of what he knew about the senders of the crates, only Emily remained as close as ever, though she voices her doubts often. The line between right and wrong is starting to blur and Elliott sometimes wonders if it’ll disappear completely.


Being one of Jacob’s protégés certainly has its advantages. If there’s any new information, evidence or sightings Elliott is one of the first to know. The number of ridiculous stories outweighs that of the believable ones, however, Jacob takes everything under consideration and so does Elliot. He is a bit skeptical, there might not be any little green men walking around, though that does not mean there won’t be any in the future. It’s best to be prepared. Elliott is trying his best to keep his mouth shut, he doesn’t want to argue with anyone about alien theories. Most importantly, he tries to keep quiet in front of Jacob, disagreeing with him never ends well. Elliott’s mentor has quite the temper. It happens rarely, but the sight of Jacob Miller, muttering profanities under his breath or screaming them in his protégés’ faces, is something many have seen. Elliott doesn’t give it much thought, Jacob is under a lot of pressure, Elliott could only hope to be as patient as his mentor is most of the time. He’d be lying, if he said that the thought of someone watching him doesn’t make him feel sick to his stomach. Every time a new crate arrives Elliott wonders if it’ll be the end of the human race or just another box of necessities.

Further Information:

  • Bi-curious
  • Indecisive
  • Agnostic